Today, it was me.

Every time there is a loud crash, I have a friend who automatically assumes that I was in some way involved. The majority of the time, I do not actually cause it, but that doesn’t stop this notion of his. When we are in a dining court, especially, and someone drops plates or cups he will do a quick survey to find me to see whether I was the reason.

I cannot say that this is not justified. I am very clumsy, but I would argue that, logically, he should not assume that every crash and bang is my fault. I say that I Would argue because the day that I had today just defends his views, except that he wasn’t there to see it, for just this once. This time those crashes were from me. I broke 5-10 plates in the dining court. I knocked out a light in one of the food stations in the dining court. I accidentally jumbled the forks together in this dining court.

Do you want to know the funny part? After all of my failures in the dining court, not only did a manage not to get fired, but I now have the title of “Student Chef in Training”. Yea, because breaking things-that’s how you get promoted. I guess I broke the system.

Good night!


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