I should

I should write a poem about things ending on bad notes and make some musical references just for the sake of being witty. I should write a poem about how cruel math is to me and make a mention of the three notebooks I went through this year. I should write a poem about how […]


Another poem- based on a true story– in my head it’s marked as unfinished [because it isn’t quite smoothed out], but it’s all my brain can do right now. So here you go: Heroin Heroin without the –e Heroin you’re quite the sneak I knew I was straight-laced as the come The product of where […]

Dead Week

“Dead Week” this term is common across universities and colleges. Typically it refers to the week before final exams, but, at Princeton it refers to the week after exams. Here at Purdue University, it is defined [by the university] as the week before final exams where no exams or quizzes can be given. This week […]

I’ve Lost

Another poem: this one is titled “I’ve Lost”!   That girl With the angel face Leaves girls like me Ashamed   Perfection Her beauty’s a disguise Embracing my flaws I’m not a lie   Her laugh Suffuses through a room And I remain, as apt Obscure   Her eye Being easily caught Naturally has found […]

Heavenly Image

So… the boost of faith was from a kind stranger. It was pouring outside and she walked me to class barefoot under her umbrella. She was awesome [both because of her umbrella-sharing and her conversation].But tonight’s post is another poetry night: Heavenly Image The world was blurred, less defined Into an empty cup the clouds […]


The four in front of me are small, large, Charmin, and Kosher Dill Pickles. Corrugated fiberboard in the fullness of its diversity. Cardboard boxes are cluttering up the house and my thoughts. They are stacked in rickety piles that seem destined for toppling. Does this mean toppling’s my destiny? Those boxes are proof of my […]

Lab Rats

In my third grade science class we had two lab rats to study the affects of a well-balanced diet compared to a less-ideal one. Everyone in the class knew what the results were going to be, but sometimes, in different settings, there is only a projected outcome, which we call a hypothesis, but could just […]


Another night of poetry!! Pathogenesis It’s possible that you penetrated my skin But maybe I inhaled you You could have been ingested Or utilized my vision Throwing me into the peril I’m in   Your incubation period Made me delirious A state of grace, it gave me hope I attributed inflammation to glow No damage […]

Damsel in Distress

Damsel in Distress I didn’t want to subscribe to the circular myth The one that says that you need someone If you ever want to be at your best I’ll always refuse to be that one Fighting against, just a “damsel in distress”   I had made a home of the foggy bliss Accepting the […]

Today, it was me.

Every time there is a loud crash, I have a friend who automatically assumes that I was in some way involved. The majority of the time, I do not actually cause it, but that doesn’t stop this notion of his. When we are in a dining court, especially, and someone drops plates or cups he […]