Ha, my cousin suggested that a particular someone just drop everything and live in my garage… So, I gave the idea the proper respect it deserved and spent a considerable amount of time daydreaming about it. Then, I wrote a poem: If you lived in my garage Taking care of the cars Would become my […]


She sits in her swing With the empty cushion Her only company There used to be An imprint She hadn’t always been But when she wasn’t The sky wasn’t as blue It held a milder hue A gentle smile A kind hand Though she’s lost Her best friend I grew up ever so close Three […]

Reaching Adulthood

It has come to my attention that my phone will not let me post things on here. I keep trying, but it just upsets it. So here are my thoughts from a few nights ago [unfortunately, I do not have wifi capability as frequently as I used to] I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about […]

Note to Self

I keep falling off the edge of the earth, but never fear, I’ve taken to carrying a grappling hook with me. Note to Self Decorate your surface So that none can see The ‘you’ underneath Hiding behind the tints The jewels and the hues They’ll never see you   Contact the relative Deploying the buffers […]