As November draws near, my more “manly” male friends are mentally preparing to grow a small animal on their faces. No-shave November. Some of my female friends are using this as a justification to be lazy in the colder weather [a boycott which will more quietly extend throughout the entire winter]. But this year, this […]


A poem: Fall That devilish grin Semi-chiseled chin Arrogant air, gelled hair A mystery without end   Faultless yet lacking innocence Neither virtuous nor corrupt Your existence is my resistance And I feel like giving up   The season of transition A season of disgust Because in the fall I fell In your web, I […]

Is Friendship a Science?

According to Hasbro Studios and Lauren Faust, the creators of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Friendship is, well, magic. You can see where this theme could be used for morals and growth, right? But does this hold any factual relevance for the “real” world? Science and magic used to be closely tied together. The […]