Your wit was a muscle You so shyly flexed But I burned it out In search of the benefits *** I would supply mediocre words In exchange for your symphony An unfair trade at its very core Happy to share the melody *** If I ever found you narcissistic It’s because I didn’t know the […]


A system is a portion of the universe Vague and useless Honest, that’s the definition that I had heard *** If a fraction of the cosmos is a system Could I be one Disordered me, surely the cause of a schism *** To be necessary to a whole, that’s absurd! Extracting smiles It’s just that’s […]

In An Airplane

Photo by Vincent Laforet This city is on fire No longer a city of life A volcano Shriveled land with molten cracks Waiting to erupt again **** People watching Morphs into chancy Such close proximity You’ll have hours to talk If you catch their eyes *** The lights have dimmed The sides have fallen in love […]

Pattern Recognition

It’s been three years since I said I could marry you Over two since I realized I could never *** You see demons that aren’t there You say They are yourself *** You believe you are wicked’s evil tongue The right-hand of Satan The human embodiment of Beelzebub *** You are the systemic persecution of […]

Decaying Tumbler

Spinning figurine of glass I’m a butterfly turned ballerina Months, maybe years, have passed   Circles- I just keep twirling Unchecked I’ll fall-break Lovely shards of ice All over your lovely disposition   Damage worsens with time I’m not a bomb, I’m acid corrosion Gnawing at your mind, eroding your heart   Appearances- no one […]

Personal Bonfire

Beauty’s synonym Kryptonite’s rendition The sly-footed fancy of men I swore you were the wind *** But now you are the playlist of the past The once upon a time That came to an end Not built to last *** The iceberg was there So please forgive me For refusing the indulgence Of rearranging the […]