Level Up

Are you progressing or are you stagnant? Are you consciously striving for growth? Are you neglecting important areas of life? Do you have a daily time devoted to personal development? These are the questions I asked myself before I made up my mind to institute “monthly challenges” last month. August’s monthly challenge was to read […]

Janitorial Business

I slosh through the snow and ice to the lecture hall. I swear I don’t remember snow being so soft. It was never this powdery in my youth. Could it be global warming or just a perennial preoccupation? Just a vague seasonal idea that comes and goes with the cold. Nostalgia at its best. Remembering […]

Bus trip

Community. Fellowship. I still prefer being in my own head. If only the person next to me could understand. My quieter nature is not hatred. It’s not that I don’t enjoy her and her attempts at conversation. I’ve no clue how to continue it. Continuous introductory small talk. Am I the only one who minds? […]