I Can’t Think of a Stunning Yet Average Title


Once upon a time there was an average girl, with the average name of Ashley. Everything about her was just about average. She possessed average intelligence, less than average physical prowess, an average amount of friends, and an average appearance. The only thing that wasn’t roughly average about this average girl was her extremely high level of awkwardness.

She seemed to have an uncanny ability to turn an average situation into an awkward one. On a daily basis, she would accidentally attract attention to herself, quite often done by falling or running into things. Occassionally, an innocent bystander would get caught up in these incidents. Occassionally, these innocent bystanders would become her friends.

This is the story about how this lackluster person secured  a more than average best-friendship with a noteworthy aristocrat.

It was a Tuesday night, and, like many other nights for the average college student, it was overwhelmingly stressful. Ashley, with the hopes of being semi-productive, was planning to go to her hidey-hole, but she was intercepted. Her kind-hearted jester friend insisted that instead of isolating herself, her problems could be easily solved with camaraderie.

Ashley obeyed her jester friend not really expecting anything other than average and not expecting to get anything accomplished. How lucky she was that this proved not to be another average night.

The jester led her to a table occupied by two others: a townsman and a noble. She had seen both of these people from afar around the land. The land was quite small, but not so small that she had ever engaged in conversation with either of them.

The townsman was a fair representative of all the other citizens in the land. He was in the customary dress of commoners: jeans and a t-shirt. He was hard-working and pleasant, but there was nothing special to him.

As for the other person, the very air seemed to differ drastically. Though, the aristocrat was robed as a townsman, Ashley knew for a fact that this person was the greatest knight in all the land. The noble was renowned for a compassionate nature, a witty humor, fantastic athletic skills, and a knack for excelling.

Where others found uncomfort and hate spurred from Ashley, the knight felt a sense of charm. Others tried so hard to disguise all of their oddities, but this average girl embraced them.

I’m stopping for now, this might be finished at a later time.

On a side note, my stress hair is significantly less today, although I am still lost in some of the concepts. I had a two-hour meeting with my advisor today [and it was actually helpful!!]. I fixed all of my major drama- Yay! Now I have one major and two minors, and the knowledge that this is actually feasible to do in 4 years!

Sweet dreams!


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