You’re waiting at the bus stop with a handful of other people, but none of you acknowledge the existence of the others. None of you attempt to make small talk, and actually you’re probably avoiding eye contact with these people. On campus, there are about 40,000 strangers surrounding me, I encounter quite a few strangers […]

Liking Stuff

You can tell a lot about someone by what they like and why they like it. Why else do you ask someone what their favorite color is or who their favorite artist is. Personally, my favorite color is teal, but, recently I’ve been ‘feeling more purple’. How could I feel like a color? Doesn’t matter, […]

That Will Be The Day

There is nothing like staring into someone’s eyes, and having a deep, honest conversation about life, yourself, fears, and sexy light structures. These conversations are, at times, more necessary than 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes, you just need someone to sincerely look at you and say that you are wonderful and needed. I may never […]

Have faith

You are not alone as you think that you are. Stop and think about it. Even if there is no one that is currently in your life that is “there” for you, I can almost guarantee that this will not always be so. Actually, I do not believe that you are without at least one person. […]

My Apologies

There are so many conversations that I desperately need to have, but I’m avoiding them. These conversations scare me, honestly. They require me to stand up, which, lucky me, I am so skilled at. I know that they will happen, eventually. I just do not know how to go about initiating them. So, instead, I’m […]

Liberal Arts

  I want to talk about how it’s PERFECTLY FINE to be engaged in the liberal arts. When you go to university there are a few majors that take a lot of ridiculing. They are, generally, liberal arts. “What can you do with a degree in Visual Design?” “Those that can’t do teach.” It’s sickening. Not […]

For the Love of “Star Wars”

So… another poetry one– except that I ACTUALLY am posting the poem this time. I’m not completely hopeless >.< It was way too entertaining to write this… For the Love of “Star Wars” You just can’t hide your thoughts If it were a mission you’d get caught And I know that you don’t think I […]

Poetry, or Not.

Maybe I should just post predominantly poetry? That way I’m writing a poem before bed everyday. This way I’m still WRITING everyday.  XD Or not… I have mixed feelings about this whole blogging thing, anyway. Maybe it’d be better if it weren’t public? I mean, it’s not like I have tons of followers, but what’s […]