I am the youngest (most conscientious) child of a free-spirited Mama who would’ve been classified a gypsy in another time, another place.

This blog is neglected  a venue to air my thoughts. A by-product of it is a tendency to sometimes overshare and force unsuspecting visitors to read ramblings or amatuer poetry.

I don’t put much stock in astrology, so if the first thing you ask me is “What’s your sign?” I will make you guess. To this day, no one has guessed correctly. Does that give my sign away? (;

Being a veterinarian is not as fun as toddler memories of stuffed-animal operations suggested it would be, so I’m not a veterinarian. My conversations in real life involve a lot about plant babies and human babies (and the humans aren’t even mine).

Always remember: sadness is finite, but potential is perpetual.


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