Level Up

Are you progressing or are you stagnant? Are you consciously striving for growth? Are you neglecting important areas of life? Do you have a daily time devoted to personal development?

These are the questions I asked myself before I made up my mind to institute “monthly challenges” last month. August’s monthly challenge was to read two books (one fiction, one nonfiction), to exercise 2x a week, and to begin studying formal logic.

My books were The Left Hand of Darkness (science fiction) and The Well-Trained Mind (popular guide book to homeschooling). I finished both, though I wouldn’t recommend reading The Well-Trained Mind straight-through, unless you desperately want to learn how to go back and fill in all the gaps in your education and you are stubborn as a mule. The Left Hand of Darkness was fabulous and did not disappoint, after all Ursula K Le Guin is a wonderful science fiction/fantasy author. The Well-Trained Mind added more ideas to think about when I have my own children and am considering schooling, it also provided an incomplete, but good list of “Great Books”. Which is why my fiction book for September is The Illiad (full disclosure: I finished my August books early so I’m in Book 12 of Homer (roughly halfway through)). I’m loving the translation by Richard Lattimore and would wholly recommend it to anyone searching for a readable version.

Exercise goal= check.

I began studying formal logic by getting a traditional logic meant for 7-8th graders. This week I’m starting Chapter 2 and will finish the first book in six months. More on this later.

So, for September let’s Level Up! I chose a harder fiction book (though it’s surprisingly easy, the beauty of a good translation). My nonfiction will be Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. It’s a popular finance book that my fiance read and loved. I’ve avoided finance like the plague, so I figured this was an easy way to dip my toes into the subject of money. On the exercise front I’m shooting for five times/ week. The study of logic will continue, with focus on not skipping any weekdays.

I plan to do spend my lunch hour getting the reading done, 10 pages a day in both would allow me to finish them. I’m going to try to get a 15 minute exercise in before I go to work, but on days I don’t I’ll do it after work before supper. Logic will be done in ~30 minutes before bed.

That’s my plan on how to “level up” this month. Do you have one?





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