Do thoughts follow a design?

I think in words. This seems like an obvious statement, but it really isn’t as obvious as it seems. My brain seems to be lacking a discernable organizational pattern. I was in a conversation where we were discussing how our thoughts get ordered. Is there a specific design that everyone typically follows? What pattern would […]


Okay, so I really didn’t want to write about this, especially publicly. I would much rather like to be able to think of something witty and entertaining, but no such luck. This is what is predominantly on my mind tonight. I know this girl; we will dub her Carol [she would not want to be […]


I’m “stealing” this write before bed idea from a wonderful person, who, luckily, is my significant other. He actually recommended that I do this because it’s hard for me to turn my brain off at a respectable time of the night. It seems as if I’ve been “stealing” a lot lately.  Yes, “stealing” instead of […]