Damsel in Distress

Damsel in Distress

I didn’t want to subscribe to the circular myth

The one that says that you need someone

If you ever want to be at your best

I’ll always refuse to be that one

Fighting against, just a “damsel in distress”


I had made a home of the foggy bliss

Accepting the lost and the dazed

Thought it was the only way

I never considered the alternate

Unaware that I needed saved


You are my loyal knight

Standing proud against all fears

I bestow every honor

To reward your great might

You stand where none would wander


I always claimed stong and independent

But my energy was on a stipend

For the guise I would pay the price

Nobody would dare say otherwise

I would not be their damsel in distress

I would not be their little pet


I thought I had reached happy’s limit

Dismayed that I was at the finish

But your sweet smile made me awaken

Your impassioned movements

Sought after and claimed my attention

Brought to life by your peaceful kiss


I was unaware that I needed saved

Until you showed me what it was like to be claimed

Until you went and set my heart aflame

The airy fancies labeling me as “damsel in distress”

Yet, I feel strong. I am your princess.


Sleep tight!


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