I’m Spent

When I say, “Fear me”

I don’t expect you to be afraid

It’s because I am of you

Or rather the trust that I gave


Seems to me

You belong

I’m a bit paranoid

I could be wrong


I don’t know why this is so urgent

How swiftly it came

Neither of us forced it…

Or paused the game


With ease you could hurt

Without even thinking

You could leave me cold,

Alone, and hardly breathing


One more fear

Ever scared

If my nightmares see light

I’ll cling to life


For now, you nourish

Your supplemental cares

Your smile is a flourish

That tickles my hairs


You claim innocence

But I say experienced

You’re way too practiced

No room for ignorance


A charmer


Making me reliant

Under your curse


I shouldn’t be surprised

I knew forthright

You’ve already left

My use has been spent




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