My Life

This week has had its achievements [meaning within the past 7 days]. I’ve made a new friend, I’m cultivating existing friendships, and I’m narrowing down what I want to do with my life.

You count these as achievements? Two out of the three achievements you listed were social! Social achievements that are really simple, at that!

My new friend was completely unexpected. It was the last second stressing for an exam that led me to meet him. It was one of those moments where there was an instant acceptance and connection. What am I going to do with another engineering friend? We tease and torment each other and in-between the mocking we sing off-key. We even have had poetic conversations, which, if you’ve read past posts, you know that I enjoy.

I’ve been cultivating current friendships. Which is harder than it sounds, since my schedule is so different than my friends’. I was able to partake in meals with people that had disappeared to me for some time. I have had Skype conversations with friends that I haven’t seen in almost two years [and I had a Skype date with one of my best friends tonight]!

I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life. I’m being evicted from “I Don’t Know Land”, so where do I go? I’m not allowed to say “I don’t know” which is a very typical response for me. I can go anywhere as long as I pack up and move out of “I Don’t Know Land”. I came up with where I wouldn’t go for sure. I would not go to the lands of engineering or computer science, the skyscrapers and blueprints of architecture or planning and design. I would double my travel time to avoid the kingdom of government and while international is really cool there is no drive for me to visit.

Where does that leave me? That leaves me with the woods, arts and entertainment, business, health and medicine, “oh, look a puppy”, communications, education, and nonprofit. This is still really broad, but instead of an ocean of possibilities it’s more like a large swimming pool.

Sweet Dreams!


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