My Friends and My Own Words

When I’m a little dismal, I like to re-read funny conversations with my friends. Here are some of my favorite quotes that sort of make sense when taken out of context.

“Rest up! Your awesomeness is massive, so you must rest it well!”

“Oh, stop it! This is a success within a “failure”. Its more of a success than a failure. Definitely! Well, you “failed” in warning me but succeeded in making a friend”

“And I normally am healthy. I have been around you lately…”

“And no you’re not demanding… just encouraging in a slightly forceful but mostly energetic way.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t speak period.”

“I don’t care about the can opener. It isn’t real anyway”

“you give off the ” im a fun, laid back, smart woman you should get to know me” aura”

“Winston Churchill was born in a women’s restroom. He overcame that- so have faith Luke you can overcome your rectal itch!”

“I mean, plenty of celebrities have been addicted to licking strangers’ feet, and they live relatively normal lives. You can make it through this!”

“How classy would it be to kill as many people as you can starting from the very oldest person alive and working towards younger”

Seriously, my friends are the greatest. They put up with all of my emotional excess, and they can always put a smile on my face. [Even when I’m determined not to be happy.]


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