Dead Week

Dead Week” this term is common across universities and colleges. Typically it refers to the week before final exams, but, at Princeton it refers to the week after exams. Here at Purdue University, it is defined [by the university] as the week before final exams where no exams or quizzes can be given. This week is supposed to be set aside for studying. Complete quiet is stressed, and residence halls sometimes provide snacks.

In actuality, dead week is the week where all of the major projects are due, and there is no actual time to do any studying, whatsoever. Wikipedia does have the sleep deprivation, stress, and irritability correct, though. So many pleasant people are unpleasant due to the amount of stress they are experiencing. Yay dead week! :p

I left my laptop unattended and my wonderful friend, Maxwell, gifted me with pictures of Derpy Hooves. [Derpy Hooves is a character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]

True story ^.^

Good night!!


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