Another poem- based on a true story– in my head it’s marked as unfinished [because it isn’t quite smoothed out], but it’s all my brain can do right now. So here you go:


Heroin without the –e

Heroin you’re quite the sneak

I knew I was straight-laced as the come

The product of where I am from

No affect could you have on me

Then you took my heroine


For years she grew distant

Travel and time were unbeatable rivals

But I wouldn’t have believed

I refused to perceive

So I was blind and I missed it

Stuck in that instant

When the world knew

That this was an instance

Of abuse…


She had lost her dad back in May of ‘06

And the image of this

Was stuck in our preteen brains

Finding your dad dead

That’s some serious pain


We found him with the needle still in

There was no denying what he did

He had taken too much

More of a flood than a shot


And Cierra was on the ground

She tried to bring him back to life

He had said that life was in her touch

But it didn’t seem to work

She was a daddy’s girl

She always was

Now she’s just like her daddy


And I believe that if I we hadn’t drifted

Across the sky like wind-scattered clouds

I would’ve seen it coming

She wouldn’t have spiraled down

She could share what she felt

I would be her help


And if she spoke in that moment

She would’ve spoken “No.”

She would’ve told the world to run

Counseled us on the unholy one

Heroin without the –e

You took my heroine.


Sweet dreams, everyone. 


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