Poetry, or Not.

Maybe I should just post predominantly poetry? That way I’m writing a poem before bed everyday. This way I’m still WRITING everyday.  XD Or not…

I have mixed feelings about this whole blogging thing, anyway. Maybe it’d be better if it weren’t public? I mean, it’s not like I have tons of followers, but what’s so appealing about having strangers read my thoughts? Or maybe it’s good that this totally breaks my shell. I’m uncomfortable with sharing, knowing that anyone can read them. Why am I uncomfortable? I’m not giving out any personal information, only personal thoughts.

I’ve written a poem called “Mountains” that I like really well, but since I like it so well I don’t want to throw it out to the sharks. I guess I’ll keep it to myself. So I can post about how my friends cheer me up, and some of the things that were said, but I can’t post something that is purely emotions? I’m too emotionally attached to post it. >.< I’m a hypocrite, but so are all of you.

That’s all! Good night!


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