Level Up

Are you progressing or are you stagnant? Are you consciously striving for growth? Are you neglecting important areas of life? Do you have a daily time devoted to personal development? These are the questions I asked myself before I made up my mind to institute “monthly challenges” last month. August’s monthly challenge was to read […]

In An Airplane

Photo by Vincent Laforet This city is on fire No longer a city of life A volcano Shriveled land with molten cracks Waiting to erupt again **** People watching Morphs into chancy Such close proximity You’ll have hours to talk If you catch their eyes *** The lights have dimmed The sides have fallen in love […]

A Poets Society

For alive people. Purdue is home to quite a few extracurricular options, there are over 750 student-run organizations alone. One of these is the Purdue Poetry Society. It’s new and rather small. It’s quaint and cozy. Every week they do different activities to try and spur creativity. This week we had to write from an […]