Custody Battle

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.21.00 AM

My social media is barren

Of thought-provoking emotional words.

They’re kept under lock and key,

While the watchtower guard observes.


I’m trying to maintain social niceties.

We intertwined so well that we’re a knot.

An all-inclusive reminder of what not to do,

Because if we ask you, everything was for naught


My first-line of defense was my skin

And that you’ve already gotten under.

So I’ll don a pleasant demeanor

While like a radio, you play my blunders.


I don’t want your friendship custody battle,

Win them with your seniority or pride.

Let’s not subject our friends to the Tower of Babel

We don’t speak the same language; don’t make them pick a side.


What you’re engaged in, could be

Best described as friendly fire.

I’m the theme of your propaganda

Painting me cruel, churlish, a liar.


A fourth of the time we had has passed.

It’s hard to know that everyone knows

Precisely what you want them to.

It’s my worst memories you chose.


I am not the engineer of your destruction.

I did not commandeer the breaking of your dreams.

I was not the stitchmaster pulling at the seams.

Why can’t you see; our end was a two-sided function?



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