I do believe that eyes

Are windows to the soul.

And while you peek in,

Tell me, how visible

Are the shatters?


Because I’m a grass streak on society

That can’t be washed out

Just call me an ink stain

Since my words call you out


Oh, Big Book of Everything,

If all’s fair in love and war

Why do you cry wolf?

And why do I feel so slighted?


Rain is wet

The Pope is Catholic

The sun is hot

And you are fool’s gold.


For two years I played

Your game of Russian roulette

For reasons beyond me

I didn’t wind up dead


Refer to the drawing board

There’s a rock and a hard place

Love like yours are a dime a dozen

But they cost an arm and leg


All you are

Is a chip on my shoulder

I can roll with the punches

But I’ve never been more done


You say ‘no girl ever stays’

But if you want the truth,

A girl would have

And I couldn’t stay so young.


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