A Poets Society

For alive people.

Purdue is home to quite a few extracurricular options, there are over 750 student-run organizations alone. One of these is the Purdue Poetry Society. It’s new and rather small. It’s quaint and cozy. Every week they do different activities to try and spur creativity. This week we had to write from an item’s point of view and to use a surrealist photograph that was provided for inspiration. For each activity we had ~5 minutes.

The first activity I wrote from the perspective of sugar snap peas:

Snap! Snap! Snap!

Warm, unfeeling fingers

Finding their way

Poking, prodding

Tearing my insides out

No more secrets

It’s all on display

My shell, my carcass

Discarded nearby

Laying in the ever-so-far


And that kids is why you should eat the whole thing. Not for nutritional value, but out of mercy.

For the second activity we were shown a picture. (I failed in being able to find said picture):

I am like the teddy bear

Of brighter days I’m hoping

And to your blank, idle stare

I’m nothing more than stuffing

Could it be

That I once was your night-time companion?

Could it be

That your fondness for me has lessened?

I have been outgrown

Your feelings had matured

Now I’m on my own

With only memories

Of when I was your world.

It’s an interesting concept and I enjoy participating. These weren’t the most well-written pieces, but, nevertheless, I’m still proud of them.


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