The Intellectual Problem

 I like to think that I practice independent thought. Like you do. You inspire me. It’s like you cause a chemical reaction. I can feel the heat, the stir in my body. You make me want to write. With your ideas of free thought and individualized self, you make me want to discover.


But you’re infuriating. Experiences are recursive. What I mean is that you rely on past experiences during current experiences. How meta. Your ideas and thoughts are based on senses. How independent are you now? Now that I know that your independence is comprised of a mixture of overheard conversations.  Eavesdropping conservation.


Maybe the real magic of independence comes from purposefully listening, but carrying forth. Not immediate adoption of their viewpoint, but studying and deciding for yourself. But, you, I have I point of contention with you. Yes, I’m literarily pointing my finger at you. You should not discredit biology’s power on people, the power of biology, environmental conditioning, etc. to draw people to certain things.


This is the source of my largest infuriation with you (and people like you). No matter how much you inspire me, this will always be on my mind. You discredit topics that you know NOTHING about. Because we all know your intellect is superior and what you say goes. You praise independent thought, while prohibiting it in others.



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