Bus trip

Community. Fellowship. I still prefer being in my own head. If only the person next to me could understand. My quieter nature is not hatred. It’s not that I don’t enjoy her and her attempts at conversation. I’ve no clue how to continue it. Continuous introductory small talk. Am I the only one who minds? 30 small talks filling the space. Filling my ears. Not my forte.
I chose the window seat. I much prefer to travel with a view. A bleak view is still a view. I turn my attention to mentally cheering on the rain drops. Join together. Join together. You will travel further, if you join together. Many things are stronger in numbers. A combined effort. No doubt I would be stronger, as well, but life is easier if you are water. To join when/if wind and force change your trajectory. A set cycle. Everyone needs you. Everyone wants you. Too easy. Too much pressure. No. Water is admirable, just not my calling. So I turned to my right and small-talked my neighbor.


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