Blackout Poetry

I’ve been thinking about doing these for awhile, but the prospect of ruining a precious book had always stopped me, until now. Did I stop caring about books? Nope, I just happened to acquire an already-falling apart book.
Once upon a time there was a book that resided in a public high school. He grew old and tattered from the many different hands that he fell into for a week or two at a time. The librarian saw the condition he was in and, after ordering a new copy, removed him from the shelf. He was placed in a box among many other books in the same condition. Anyone who wanted to give these books a home could have them. A frequent library visitor noticed that no one had been taking any of the books, so she brought them home. Anyways, here are three of them:


Shrink and swear
He rowed
And vanished.
The horizon streaked in
All-merging darkness.
I drowned.
I was drooped,
And quiet.
All lay listlessly
In sinister interest.
I settled.



She grew in interest,
The pair entwined
It was apparent
He believed he loved
An innocent and unsuspecting girl.



The hour was approaching
His marriage
He reflected on a cowardice
He feared to do it.
He painfully laughed
The dream of his prospective bride
Resolved in guilt
The feelings nearly gone.

Blackout poetry: a brain teaser of sorts


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