Reaching Adulthood

It has come to my attention that my phone will not let me post things on here. I keep trying, but it just upsets it. So here are my thoughts from a few nights ago [unfortunately, I do not have wifi capability as frequently as I used to] I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about adulthood and reminiscing on all the things that used to be that are no more. It’s a bit ridiculous how nostalgic a 19 year old can get, haha!

The sidewalks that I roam are broken. The train tracks that I wander are crooked. They’re old and unthought-of, but I walk them anyway. I think there is beauty in the broken and forgotten. I assign symbolic meaning to them for they are a secret staple to this society. They are where many dreams are stored. Tucked away in this safe haven. They provide a place that they can be hidden, but not nonexistent.

Why has it come to this? Why are hopes and ideas so readily abandoned? Have we really forgotten how to be passionate about something? Is it that easy to lose our drive? Why are there so few of us who remember what it was like to be a kid?

When you were a kid; everything seemed so magical, but never impossible. As we grow up, we become desensitized. We lose the feeling of enchanted and we gain the feeling of impossibility. Every day I step further in the direction of ‘actual adulthood’. How can I move forward into adulthood, but harness the power and creativity of youth? Is it even possible? Is it possible for me, in particularity. I was forever the kid who thought she was an adult. I avoided a lot of childhood trying to be practical. Can I dig up the creativity that I tried to bury? I hope so…

Have a great day!


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