Note to Self

I keep falling off the edge of the earth, but never fear, I’ve taken to carrying a grappling hook with me.

Note to Self

Decorate your surface

So that none can see

The ‘you’ underneath

Hiding behind the tints

The jewels and the hues

They’ll never see you


Contact the relative

Deploying the buffers

The many evasive methods

Face interrogation

They only want what’s best

You left an empty nest


Pack processed foods

In a grocery bag

Too poor to do anything

Fancy with arches

Let alone hats and crowns

So you must snack


Labor for the hours

These mundane tasks

Trying to satisfy the time card

There are many empty slots

But you don’t have the days

You really have no shot


Discard your anxiety

And take out the trash

This is adulthood

You stand where they stood

Complete all of your duties

And make room for a smile


Sweet Dreams!


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