How the Squirrels Must Feel

[It’s only organized this way so the different stanzas can be told apart.]

How the Squirrels Must Feel

The campus is empty

I can finally think

Spend time with myself

And get plenty of sleep

Look at me; I’m a person too

But I want them to leave

Oh, how the squirrels must feel

Our commonality, our biggest fear

No more students

To affect how I live

No more hiding in the streets

Scurry along but nowhere to be

I begin to realize: I am not a squirrel

They have great energy

But they make poor company

To those that are not their own

I miss my friends and enemies

I miss the monsters that shape me

Oh, how the squirrels must feel

The week their dreams are real

No more students

To give me reason to live

I don’t have to hide in the streets

I scurry along but there’s nowhere to be

Old Bristles hasn’t been the same

Since the day that car came

Grayed Kathy sits in trees

Holding on, mouthing silent pleas

I’m not a squirrel

No matter the parallels

I’ve never been chased with

Peanut butter and clothespins

Oh, how the squirrels must feel

[The End] Sweet dreams!!


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