Apparently, I’m Canadian

I convinced my chemistry lab partner that I was not American today. I then had a hard time getting to believe the truth: that I am American. Perhaps, I am “Un-American”. I find baseball to be one of the most ridiculous sports, the thought of eating a hotdog makes me want to vomit, I’ve never seen any James Bond movies, and I’d never watched any of the Star Wars movies until I came to college.

Baseball is America’s sport. I find it to be an absolute bore, while other sports are mildly entertaining, at the least. Sports are more fun to play than watch, but when it comes to baseball I don’t find enjoyment in playing, either. Maybe I’ve just had poor experiences. Maybe I shouldn’t judge sports based on P.E classes.

Hotdogs have always disgusted me. I’m not a really big meat-eater, which is another reason why I’ve been called “un-American” in the past.

I don’t watch a lot of television. The average American watches around 34 hours per week. I’m lucky if I average 4 hours a week. These hours come from movie nights on the weekends with my friends.

But does this really make me “un-American”? I don’t think so. How are my oddities harming the best interests of America? Eh, it’s okay. I just find it interesting.

Sleep well!


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