Liking Stuff

You can tell a lot about someone by what they like and why they like it. Why else do you ask someone what their favorite color is or who their favorite artist is. Personally, my favorite color is teal, but, recently I’ve been ‘feeling more purple’. How could I feel like a color? Doesn’t matter, it just is. I also say that you learn a lot about them from WHY they like it. Do they only like that band because Alaina said that they rock or do the lyrics of the songs resound to them? Why they like something is very important.

Quotations are also great at revealing someone’s ‘inner’ character. One of my favorite quotes is by John Green, and it is, “Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we’re quoting.” I find this to be rather true, actually. One of my high school friends is my “e-pen pal”, and at the end of every letter we put an quote WITHOUT saying who or where it’s from to see if the other person can find the origins. What does this say about us? It probably says that we are slightly weird individuals.

We are creatures of habit. Do you only like sitting in the 5th chair at the third table for a specific reason or do you only sit there because that is where you sat on the first day. Is there something special about the route you take to work or is it a mundane routine? Ask these questions of yourself, you might just find that you’re less [or more] interesting than you could have ever thought.

So why is your favorite color blue?

Sleep tight!


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