Have faith

You are not alone as you think that you are. Stop and think about it. Even if there is no one that is currently in your life that is “there” for you, I can almost guarantee that this will not always be so. Actually, I do not believe that you are without at least one person. Maybe you are just overlooking them or they aren’t the person that you want to be “there”. What makes you think that you have the right to choose? Perhaps these are the people you need.

Are you in a low point in your life? You’re not the only one. You may feel alienated, feeling like you just cannot be understood, this is normal. You just need to find reasons to stick in there. Take time out to spend doing “just-for-you” things. If basketball calms you down and makes you feel tranquil, why don’t you let yourself play a few pick-up games per week? It’s common sense, really.

Have faith. People tend to hide their stresses from the general public, but it does not mean that they are not present. Lastly, smile, but allow yourself your other emotions. You are just a little minnow in these crazy waters, but you are not alone.

Sweet dreams ^.^


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