Liberal Arts


I want to talk about how it’s PERFECTLY FINE to be engaged in the liberal arts. When you go to university there are a few majors that take a lot of ridiculing. They are, generally, liberal arts. “What can you do with a degree in Visual Design?” “Those that can’t do teach.” It’s sickening. Not everyone is predisposed to mathematics and science. It’s great if you are, but it’s also great if you’re not.

We need these people that are outside these favored majors. They are required for life, as we know it to function. They provide beauty and knowledge. Life is more beautiful and enjoyable because of Liberal Arts. Don’t hate on it.

Maybe you like math and science, but you don’t love it. People’s opinions shouldn’t matter. Do with your life what you want to do with it. If your heart is telling you to be an engineer, be an engineer. But if you know that you would much rather be a Social Studies teacher, for love of God, you should work towards becoming a social studies teacher!

On the the other hand, if you chose to major in Fabric Design, you might have a harder time finding a career in that field. Marvelous artists of all genres draw inspiration from their day job. Writers, painters, sculptors, they all need perspective.

I have to go to work. Seriously though, liberal arts are wonderful.

Have a great day!


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