You Need Not Worry So

Here is a poem that I wrote today:

You Need Not Worry So

You fear that I’m insulted

How blissful your ignorance is

But you seem to have missed

That I’m commonly assaulted

By my own thoughtful fears

You need not worry so

Your joking words do not adhere

Your friendly intent is clear

From afar you seem so directed

A book, but your cover was misprinted

You’re just as worried as me

Rampant with insecurities

I hope you find your will to breathe

You need not worry so

Or say that you are unwanted

Would you choose instead to be hunted

You’re a book and books are friends

I have a literary obsession

Can I add you to my collection

Would you let me read your secrets

Or would you prefer to keep them

You need not worry so

Though your heart may feel diminished

That’s not a reason to say, “I’m finished.”

If you just want to scream

If you ever need to rant

You should go ahead and do the deed

Else, like me, you might find you can’t

You need not worry so

23.7 times per day I’ll forgive

But tread carefully, don’t push it (:

I’m off to bed. Nighty-Night!


One thought on “You Need Not Worry So

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