Still not ginger

People can change. They do change. You’ve changed. Really, think about it. You may essentially still be like you were three years ago, but some of your opinions and behaviors have changed. At least, I hope that they have. I hope that you’re not stuck as the same you that you always were.

Change is good. Change means growth. It may not always be for good, but it at least it’s not stagnancy.

I have changed a lot. Sometimes I am shocked by the amount. I try to pinpoint when I changed and what was the catalyst, but I can’t. It’s a gradual alteration. I am not a very “girly” female, but recently I’ve noticed a tendency toward more girlish tendencies. I can also talk to people, more efficiently at least. I remember when I felt like I was physically incapable of just saying “hi” to someone that I had already met. Now, once I know you, the trick is getting me to shut up.

Yes, there have been some variations made to my character. All that I can do is embrace the new me, and, especially if I do not like what I am becoming, take steps to improve myself. Even though I’ve changed a lot, I have yet to become a ginger. It may happen one day, who knows.

Some of your dream sheep escaped into my yard last night and threw my count off. Please, I beg of you, keep a better eye on them tonight. Night!


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