Do thoughts follow a design?

I think in words. This seems like an obvious statement, but it really isn’t as obvious as it seems. My brain seems to be lacking a discernable organizational pattern. I was in a conversation where we were discussing how our thoughts get ordered. Is there a specific design that everyone typically follows? What pattern would this be?

My brain is linguistically wired, which is why I enjoy writing and reading. It is also why I enjoy the lyrics in music as much as I do. In fact, this is so prevalent in my life that in daily life I find myself writing down quotes that people had spoken in that day. For some reason words resound in me better than they do in others. 

Furthermore, it seems that I have a tendency to cluster. I group ideas together, and, sometimes, when presented separately, it takes me longer than seems reasonable to recognize. For example, I learned the names of the students who sat close to me in a specific order. Of course, they didn’t stay in this order and, correspondingly, recall initially took longer. I feel like learning names is an interesting process for me, overall. I have to make comparisons, repeat often, and/or make catchy little phrases.

Are there a limited amount of thought arrangement techniques? Does everyone have a specific organizational pattern? Can you change from a linguistic design to a mathematical one? Are all of the types of patterns present in everybody but some happen to be hidden by one or two dominant ones? Does this affect the amount of emotion people put in their rationalizing? I honestly cannot say for sure, all I have are speculations.

Sweet dreams!


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